2016-17 Year Round Program

The year round program is for student athletes serious about sand.  It is designed to prepare the student athlete to play in college but is open to all athletes that want to improve skills and play at a higher level. Student athletes should have a solid fundamental understanding of basic volleyball skills.

Training Groups:

Proper Beach training needs to be done in small groups with athletes of similar skill and desire.  Student Athletes do not need to register with a partner.  Blue Sky staff reserves the right to move athletes to different training groups. If a group is not available to meet the student athletes level the Blue Sky staff will communicate this to the family by November 28th, 2016.

Specific training group of 4-8 athletes that would like to exclusively work together can be accommodated.  Please reach out to Blue Sky staff for more details on forming your own specific training group.

Sunday training will be grouped together with all Blue Sky student athletes.  Every attempt will be made to keep athletes of similar skill level together.

Practice times / Location:

Practice times and locations are flexible based on the majority of the student athlete’s location and student athlete’s ability to get to the facility after school.  All year round athletes will have access to three weekly trainings, two-weekday small group and club wide Sunday training.  Proposed group locations and times:

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 – 7 North Cary Park and/or Green Hope
Monday & Wednesday 4:30-7 Umstead Park, Chapel Hill
Sundays 1-4 Umstead Park, Chapel Hill (club wide)

Strength, Agility and Jump Training:

Components of strength, agility and jumping will be part of each practice.  They will be strategically worked in so athletes have minimal down time during practice sessions.  It is assumed that if an athlete is serious about pursuing any sport at the next level they are dedicating time outside of practice to strength training.  Blue Sky coaches will help each student athlete create an individual plan based on what resources he or she has available on days off from sand training.

College Recruiting:

Blue Sky staff will help each student athlete with the recruiting process.  A club wide workshop in December will outline the basic process and give each student athlete specific direction.  When ready student athletes are encouraged to ask for assistance and schedule meetings with Blue Sky staff to help with an individual plan.  Blue Sky has many alumni NCAA Division I teams throughout the country.  Blue Sky coaches have an excellent working relationship with many college coaches.


Tournament fees are not included in monthly dues.  Blue Sky will aim to select the most competitive events possible while taking travel expenses and time off from school into consideration.  This schedule is subject to change based on participant feedback and events not yet published.

Blue Sky will encourage as much competition as possible however we will not requiring student athletes to compete in tournaments.  Blue Sky is not responsible for whom a student athlete competes with.  We will allow student athletes to compete with anyone they would like regardless of age or club affiliation.  We will also recognize partnerships and encourage long-term chemistry for those who have a dedicated partner.  We will help student athletes find partners and pair up together when appropriate.

Coaching at Tournaments:

If two or more teams are registered for an event a Blue Sky coach will travel to the event to coach the teams whenever possible.  This includes out of state events and national championships.   If two Blue Sky teams are playing each other the coach will observe and give post game feedback to all student athletes.


Families will be responsible for individual travel to and from events.  The club will offer suggestions for hotels and flights when possible but ultimately each family is individually responsible.  Car-pooling, room sharing and cooperation will be encouraged and promoted by the club through email communication.  Whenever the traveling coach can help assistance will be offered.


The cost of uniforms / gear is not included in the monthly fee’s.  Each student athlete may order as much or as little gear as they would like.  There are no requirements for practice.  For competition Blue Sky gear is strongly encouraged but not required.  Blue Sky will offer gear from:  Mizuno, Breathe, Body Helix, Sand Socks, Next Level and more.  Year round athletes will have two opportunities to order gear:  November and March.


Outdoor training will happen if the temperature is above 38 degrees.  Outdoor training will happen in light to moderate rain if the temperature is above 50 degrees.  Outdoor training will NOT happen in the wet cold.  Alternative indoor training options will be made available when possible for some but not all practices canceled due to weather.  These indoor trainings will be in the Chapel Hill area.